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Enter your particulars below to book a Trial Lesson or click here for the trial lesson form! We will contact you shortly, or you can simply WhatsApp or call us at +65 9836 2072

Enter your particulars to book a trial lesson now! We will contact you shortly, or you can simply whatsapp or call us at +65 9836 2072

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In your trial lesson, you are encouraged to share your objectives and goals as well as your queries with your teacher. You could even bring a list of songs that you want to play!

You will get a FULL hands on experience and play the instruments for yourself. With the appropriate guidance you will even learn a tune or two on the very first lesson.

Contact Us to find out more, or scroll down to the form below.

Instruments will be provided (especially Guzheng) during the trial lesson upon request. Payment for trial lesson can be made after the trial itself.

For many of our students, trial lessons often end up as the first lesson at Eight Tones Music School! That’s why we put in great effort in our trial lessons, ensuring you go back with a new knowledge and insights on the Chinese instrument of your choice

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Unsure of Which Chinese Instrument To Learn?

Attend our weekly ‘Introductory Workshop to Chinese Music’ to find out more about the different types of Chinese instruments including – Erhu, Guzheng, Dizi, Pipa, Ruan. Purchase your tickets today by clicking on the button below.

Here at Eight Tones Music School, we believe that every lesson should be concise, fun and interesting. We aim to empower each individual in developing their musical talent, whilst cultivating their passion for Chinese music. Rest assured that our curriculum is tailored to meet the learning needs and ability of each student.

Only 1 paid trial lesson will be provided for every instrument.

E.g. Student A is interested in learning the Erhu, Guzheng and Dizi, but cannot decide on the instrument to learn. He can opt to take trial lessons in all 3 instruments, but would only be entitled to one trial Erhu lesson, one trial Guzheng lesson and one trial Dizi lesson.

He would have taken 3 sessions of trial Erhu lesson, Guzheng lesson and Dizi lesson, each session lasting 45 minutes. All 3 trial lessons do not have to be conducted on the same day. The “no frills attached” policy does not require you to pre-pay for the trial lessons. However, if you do cancel your scheduled lesson, you will have to prepay for the lesson upon rescheduling the next trial lesson.

The trial lesson will be conducted at the convenience of the teacher and student. You may communicate any specific requirements/preferences concerning the choice of teachers or language of instruction to the school when registering for trial lessons. Parents can also opt to sit in on their child’s trial lesson. Here at Eight Tones, we aim to create a conducive and comfortable learning environment.

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