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Classic: Looking towards control your cost of learning an instrument but not able to commit too much? The classic 2.5 months (10 lessons) package with accessories voucher worth minimally $10 and price speaks affordability without that much commitment.

Premium: Are you a committed learner? Eight Tones Music School’s Premium Package is perfect for you! With 20 lessons + 1 free lessons worth minimally $50, you will be able to utilise the package and accomplish a grade 1 in the Erhu, Dizi or Guzheng upon completion of your package. Great way to reward yourself for the hard work you put into attending 20 lessons!

Deluxe: Our Deluxe package is designed for the music enthusiast! 30 lessons + 2 free lessons worth at least $100!! You can come as often as you like, learn your favourite song within the fastest time. Come down for lesson and our teacher will help you to achieve your dreams in the fastest time possible!

Classic Package

2.5 Months (10 Lessons)
1 Free Accessories voucher worth $10
  • No GST, No hidden Fees
  • No Deposit Required
  • 5 Months Expiry

Premium Package

5 Months (20 Lessons)
1 Free Lesson worth minimum $50
  • No GST, No hidden Fees
  • No Deposit Required
  • 10 Months Expiry
  • $10 Accessories Voucher

Deluxe Package

7.5 Months (30 Lessons)
2 Free Lessons worth minimum $100
  • No GST, No hidden Fees
  • No Deposit Required
  • 15 Months Expiry
  • $20 Accessories Voucher
No refund shall be given for remaining amount, and is transferable only with admin fees Terms and conditions apply. For more information, Contact Us

Here at Eight Tones Music School, we have Erhu classes, Guzheng lessons, Dizi lessons available amongst many other options. Our music lessons are designed to bring out the very best musician in you. The affordable music lessons we offer here do not compromise on quality. With the aim to educate and spread the Chinese music philosophy and nurture Singaporean talent, our music lessons packages are a bang for your buck! Check out our music packages below:

Be it Dizi lessons, Erhu lessons or Guzheng lessons, there is always something out there for someone. Fully customised music lessons are created accordingly to your current playing levels and our teachers will guide you on the types of instruments to use, purchased and how to progress and achieve more.

The packages will make a world of a difference when you begin to master the basics without having to worry about the price. You will be able to come as often as you like. The earlier you begin your musical education, the better you will be at it. Discover the intricacies of playing music today!

With each lesson being affordable, our packages suit your budget, needs and expectations.  Rest assured for we will not compromise on the quality of teaching. Materials are provided, and you can learn have Dizi lessons, Erhu lessons, Guzheng lessons 1 – 1, one student to one teacher, or in groups of not more than 4. We are an honest company and there are no hidden costs simply because we want you to enjoy learning Chinese music here with us at Eight Tones Music School.

The lesson packages are good for those who already have an instrument. With our flexible timings and schedules for you to have your music lessons, duration for you to finish, you will be able to maximise the lessons package on offer.

This promotion is subject to availability and we reserve the right to modify and cancel the promotion at any time.

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