Musical Instruments Repairs and Restoration

Experienced in wood work and revamping of instruments, all of our repairs and modifications are done locally at our workshop. We will repair your instruments to the very best of our ability and keep the instrument’s  aesthetics intact.

Instruments Repair, Restoration and Modification Services List

Yang Qin

  • Yang Qin tuning
  • Change All or individual strings
  • Change or repair bridge
  • Change tuning balls
  • Refurbish
  • Repair Yang Qin hinge
  • Replace or repair Yang Qin stands


  • Change all or individual Strings
  • Replace bridge or all bridges
  • Replace stands
  • Full tuning

Cello and Bass

  • Missing peg
  • Replace / Repair fingerboard
  • Cracked cello / bass reparation
  • Replace bridge
  • Restring instrument
  • Replace end-pin

Sheng (Gaoyin Sheng, Diyin Sheng and Zhongyin Sheng)

  • Tuning all or individual notes
  • Repair loose buttons

Dizi and Suona

  • Repair cracks
  • Tune dizi


  • Replace or repair frets
  • Repair broken head
  • Replace missing pegs
  • Change soundboard
  • Replace bridge

Ruan and Liuqin

  • Replace or repair frets
  • Repair broken head
  • Replace missing pegs
  • Change soundboard
  • Replace bridges

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Erhu/Gaohu/Zhonghu Repair Chart

Please take note that the lead time and pricing serves only as a general guideline, for an exact quote please bring your instrument to us for an accurate assessment.

Type of RepairsCost (estimates)Lead Time (estimates)
Reattach broken head$30-603-5 days
Replace white bone on slim end of peg$203-5 days
Fit new pegs on old erhu$60 (exclusive of material)7-10 days
Change bronze tuning mechanism to wooden tuning pegs$100 (exclusive of mateial)10-14 days
Remove shallow engravings per area$20-$303-5 days
Replace sound box window$20-$40 (exclusive of material)5-7 days
Strip paint$100-$15010-14 days
General cleaning, remove light scratches$40-$1007-10 days
Single crack along glue line per crack$4014-20 days
Single crack not along glue line$5014-20 days
Replace snake skin protector$303-5 days
Refit new erhu neck$100 (exclusive of material)7-10 days
Reskin erhu$400 – $800 (depending on grade of skin)1-2 Months

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