Tong Wei Jie

Tong Wei Jie - Dizi Teacher

Meet Tong Wei Jie, a dedicated and accomplished musician, conductor, and educator with a passion for nurturing musical talent and fostering arts engagement in diverse communities. He embarked on his journey in music at an early age, which has led to a rich and impactful career.

His meticulous and patient teaching style will ensure that you understand each technique that is needed. He is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and reach your full potential on the Dizi. He can conduct lessons in both English and Mandarin, allowing you to choose which language you’re more comfortable learning with.

Wei Jie’s academic pursuits reflect his commitment to music education. He earned a Master of Education (Music) from the National Institute of Education, Singapore, in 2021. Prior to this, he achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Global Affairs (Honours, 2nd Upper) with a Minor in Music from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2017. He also holds a Diploma (Merit) in Supply Chain Management from Republic Polytechnic and pursued a Diploma in Song Writing and Production at the School Of Music And The Arts, Singapore, concurrently.

Wei Jie’s dedication to music education extends beyond formal qualifications. He is a Qualified Trainer with the People’s Association in Singapore since 2010. He achieved Grade 8 Merit in Dizi Performance from the Central Conservatory of Music, China, in 2009.

Wei Jie’s professional journey is characterized by his role as a conductor, instructor, and advocate for the arts. As a Conductor at Jurong Green CC since 2023, he passionately trains senior citizens in an orchestral setting, promoting active ageing and arts engagement. At River Valley High School, he serves as an Assistant Conductor since 2021, contributing to the training of students for school events, competitions, and fostering 21st-century learning capabilities.

Wei Jie’s impact extends to the special-needs community, where he serves as a Sectional Instructor for The Purple Symphony since 2020. He imparts his musical expertise and guidance to create an inclusive environment. His role as an Instructor at Eight Tones Music School since 2021 showcases his commitment to personalized music education, where he imparts lessons in Dizi and Hulusi, preparing students for exams and performances.

His diverse skill set shines as a Conductor and Sectional Instructor at NUS High School of Mathematics and Science since 2018, earning the Certificate of Distinction for SYF 2019 and 2021. His impact is also felt in higher education, where he served as an Instructor at Singapore Management University in 2022, nurturing students’ musical talents for events, competitions, and performances.

Wei Jie’s community involvement extends to diverse ensembles and organizations. As a Conductor at Bukit Batok CC Chinese Orchestra from 2021 to 2022, he trained members for community events while managing performers and volunteers. His roles at Marsiling Secondary School, Eunoia Junior College, and Zulin Temple Association exemplify his dedication to training students and coordinating volunteers for various events and projects.

Wei Jie’s involvement is also demonstrated through his role at Nam Hwa Opera Co. Ltd., where he served as a Coordinator and Musician, contributing to the ensemble’s success. His diverse engagements also include orchestrating music for Thong Chai Charity Show 2017 and Odyssey Dance Theatre.

His dedication to music education is coupled with community service.  Wei Jie’s contributions as a Conductor for Pioneer Chinese Orchestra, Assistant Secretary for Pioneer Citizens’ Consultative Committee, and involvement in Pioneer Community Arts & Culture Club showcase his commitment to fostering community engagement and artistic pursuits.

Wei Jie’s musical accomplishments include the National Chinese Instrumental Competition ensemble category’s 1st Prize (2007) and representation of the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra at the 2005 Hong Kong Youth Music Camp.

With an unwavering commitment to music education, community engagement, and artistic excellence, Wei Jie’s journey continues to inspire and uplift individuals of all ages through the power of music.

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