Fong Liyang

Fong Liyang - Erhu Teacher

Introducing Fong Liyang, a meticulous teacher who knows the true value of precision and fundamentals when it comes to playing this beautiful instrument. Fong Liyang’s lessons are highly focused on helping his students achieve excellence, and perfecting the skills necessary to become an outstanding Erhu player. With his guidance, you’ll be playing the erhu in no time! And not only that, he teaches in both English and Mandarin, making him the perfect choice for students looking to learn in either language. So if you’re ready to start your journey with the erhu, look no further than Fong Liyang!

Fong Liyang is a talented musician with a passion for the Erhu. He began learning the instrument at the age of 9, studying under China’s first grade performer, Mr Liu Chong Zheng. By the age of 15, Liyang had earned a Diploma in Erhu from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

However, Liyang’s musical abilities don’t stop there – he is also skilled in playing several other instruments in the Chinese string family, including the gaohu, zhonghu, banhu, and jinghu.

Over the years, Liyang has had the opportunity to perform alongside some of the most renowned professional musicians in the industry, including Liu Chang Fu, Liu Xiang, Wang Fan Di, and Song Bao Cai. His performances have earned him a regular spot at venues such as the Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore Conference Hall, and the Festive Arts Theatre at Our Tampines Hub, among others.

Fong Liyang is the concertmaster of the People’s Association Youth Chinese Orchestra, and has led many performances including “In Youthful Company”, “Tampines Impressions”, “Fusion Impressions”, and “Eastern Impressions”. He is currently the Erhu instructor for the Bukit Batok Peiyi Chinese Orchestra, and has previously taught at Hongwen School.

Liyang is regarded as one of the most experienced Erhu teachers at Eight Tones, and is a favourite among his students. In addition to his teaching abilities, Liyang is also a skilled Erhu luthier, skilled in tuning, modifying, and repairing the instrument. His passion for learning and teaching, combined with his patience and dedication, make him an excellent instructor who is able to tailor his lessons to match each student’s individual needs.

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