Ng Rui Jun

Ng Rui Jun Erhu Teacher

Rui Jun started taking erhu lessons from Ms Wang Jing in 2007. In 2009 he continued his studies under the tutelage of Ms Shen Qin, and obtained a Grade 8 Certificate of Distinction in the graded examination conducted by the Central Conservatory of Music in the same year. He obtained his Grade 9 Certificate of Distinction the following year, and his Diploma Certificate in 2016. Rui Jun is currently under the guidance of Mr Li Bao Shun, concertmaster of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, and has also learnt the jinghu from Mr Guo Si Quan.

An active performer, Rui Jun has participated in the productions of many different organisations. Ranging from orchestras such as the Raffles Alumni Chinese Orchestra, Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Chinese Orchestra, and Cheng San Chinese Orchestra, to ensembles such as Stringanza, Ding Yi Music Company, Ding Yi Youth Ensemble, and Han Ensemble, Rui Jun has accumulated much experience over the years.

Rui Jun has also performed in the capacity of a soloist over the years as well. In 2012, he performed the duet concerto “Hymn of Wusuli” with the Raffles Institution Chinese Orchestra (Year 5 – 6 Section). In 2015, he performed the concerto “Admirable Spirits of the Snow Mountains” with the Raffles Alumni Chinese Orchestra. Rui Jun has performed multiple concertos with the Singapore Management University Chinese Orchestra as well, amongst which includes the gaohu concerto “The Butterfly Lovers” in 2017, and the jinghu concerto “A Deep Night” in 2019. He is also active in the promotion of new solo works as well, such as the premiering of new works in the Instrumental Concert 2018, held by the Association of Composers.

An active leader in the organizations he participated in, Rui Jun was the Chairman and Erhu I Principal of the Raffles Institution Chinese Orchestra (Year 1 – 4 Section) in 2010. In 2012 he took on the role of Huqin Sectional Leader of its Year 5 – 6 counterpart. After joining the Raffles Alumni Chinese Orchestra (RACO) in 2010, Rui Jun served in the capacity of Huqin Sectional Leader in 2014, and assumed the role of co-conductor since 2016. Rui Jun was also the Chairperson of the Ding Yi Youth Ensemble from 2014 to 2016, which clinched the First Prize in the National Arts Council’s 2014 National Chinese Music Competition (Ensemble Category). Joining the Singapore Management University Chinese Orchestra in 2015, Rui Jun served as its President in 2016, and Honorary General Secretary in 2017.
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