Janice Teoh

Janice Teoh - Guzheng Teacher

Get ready to make some beautiful music with the guzheng! Introducing Teoh Seow Yang, your new Guzheng teacher. With her cheerful and enthusiastic nature, Seow Yang will make sure every lesson is a fun and enjoyable experience. Her outgoing personality makes it easy to ask questions and to get involved in the lesson. And as she conducts her lessons in mandarin, you will be able to learn more about the culture and history of this traditional Chinese instrument.

Teoh Seow Yang is a talented Guzheng performer and educator with an impressive thirty years of professional experience under her belt. She has received instruction from some of the best teachers in the field, including Chen Hui Lan, Ma Xiao Lan, Lian Rong Shi, Lim Choo Li and Lai Ah Lai, and is also versatile and well-rounded as she is trained in both traditional and contemporary repertoire.

Teoh has a wealth of experience as a seasoned Guzheng performer under her belt. Not only has she held many solo performances throughout her career, but she also has a lot of experience as both an ensemble musician, and an orchestra musician, performing with various Chinese Orchestras and ensembles throughout her career.

Furthermore, Teoh is an active contributor to the music community, being a member of many musical organisations such as the Guzheng Association (Singapore), the Teo Ann Huay Kuan Chinese Orchestra, and the National Theatre Club. On top of all that, Teoh also served on the management committee of the Music Teacher Association (Malaysia) from 1990-1995, further showing her dedication and passion towards music.

Throughout her career, she has accumulated numerous accolades and achievements as an instructor. Teoh has trained solo students and school ensembles of all ages, and has had the privilege of working with a number of award-winning ensembles, including the Ngee Ann Primary School guzheng ensemble, the Yumin Primary School guzheng ensemble, and the Clementi Town Secondary School guzheng ensemble. All of these ensembles have earned Gold with Honors and Gold awards at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competitions under her instruction and guidance.

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