Kimberly Yee

Kimberly Yee Guzheng Teacher

Kimberly begun her Guzheng journey at a tender age of 5, under the guidance of Mdm Liu Lu and Mr Thum Soon Boon. With strong interest and proficiency in Guzheng demonstrated, she continued her learning under the tutelages of Mr Zhang Bo and Mdm Cui Jing Yi. During her early years of schooling, she was actively involved in ensemble performances and was appointed the position of the Ensemble Lead; where she led the group to clinch the Certificate of Distinction in the Singapore Youth Festival competition. Kimberly has amassed a range of experience not only as a soloist but also as a player with the Guzheng Ensemble and/or Chinese Orchestra. These exposures helped develop and hone her performance techniques, allowing her to bring out the Guzheng essence in each repertoire. She passed NAFA-CCOM Grades 8 & 9 with Distinctions, before obtaining her Diploma Grade in 2014. Kimberly is currently a member with the Guzheng Association, and Cheng San Chinese Orchestra as their Guzheng and Pipa player.

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