Rebecca Tan

Rebecca Tan - Guzheng Teacher

Rebecca Tan is a gentle and understanding teacher, making sure every lesson is a positive and enjoyable experience. Her meticulous and patient teaching style will make sure you understand every concept before moving on. And with her bilingual skills, she can conduct lessons in both English and Mandarin, allowing you to choose which language you are more comfortable learning in and ensuring you are able to understand every step of the way. 

From a young age, Rebecca Tan was intrigued by the Guzheng. She started her journey under the tutelage of Mr. Thum Soon Boon when she was seven years old, and further honed her skills under the guidance of Mdm. Yin Qun when she successfully enrolled in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)’s School of Young Talent Program two years later. At the age of twelve, she obtained her Grade Nine Examination Certificate from the Central Conservatory of Music for Guzheng, and won First Prize in the first “China-Japan-Korea International Zheng Contest” a year later. 

In the year 2018, Rebecca entered NAFA’s School of Music, studying Music Composition under the esteemed Dr. Zechariah Goh Toh Chai. She has since graduated the Diploma course with Distinction and is in the final leg of her Undergraduate studies to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Music.

In 2012, Rebecca’s talent on the Guzheng was recognized on an international level when she competed in the first “China-Japan-Korea international Zheng contest.” She was awarded first prize in the Non-professional Overseas Category.

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