Zeng Xin Yi

Zeng Xin Yi - Guzheng Teacher

Meet Zeng Xin Yi, an enthusiastic and patient Guzheng teacher who knows how to make learning fun. With her love for the guzheng, she’ll guide you through each lesson, making sure you understand and enjoy the process of learning. Whether you’re just looking for a fun new hobby, or wanting to become a skilled performer, Xin Yi has got you covered. Get ready to strum away and make beautiful music on the Guzheng with Xin Yi!

Zeng Xin Yi is a budding Guzheng Musician, currently undergoing studies for her Diploma in Music at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) under the tutelage of Yin Qun. Her love and interest for Guzheng music started her journey when she was five years old, and her passion brought her to Zhuhai Art High School. She has also had lessons from multiple teachers from other prestigious conservatories like the Central Conservatory of Music and Xinghai Conservatory of Music.

Xin Yi has participated in various competitions in East Asia which yielded excellent results, and most recently clinched second place in the 2022 Singapore National Chinese Music Competition. Equipped with a vigour for learning, she is also training her Chinese Percussion skills under the guidance of Shen Guo Qin in NAFA.

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