Zhang Lu Fen

Zhang Lu Fen - Guzheng Teacher

Introducing Zhang Lu Fen, the Guzheng teacher. With decades of experience and a dedication to teaching, she’s one of the most experienced and seasoned teachers here at eight tones, and the ideal instructor for anyone looking to master the Guzheng. Her patient and meticulous nature make her the perfect guide for beginners, while her experience in teaching and playing the Guzheng will help push even the more advanced students to new heights. Conducting her lessons in Mandarin, Zhang Lu Fen’s friendly personality also makes her the perfect teacher for those who may feel intimidated when it comes to learning something new. So get ready to make some beautiful music with the Guzheng, because with Zhang Lu Fen as your teacher, you’ll be playing like a pro in no time! 

Zhang Lu Fen graduated from the Xi’an Conservatory of Music with a major in Guzheng performance and has since become an honorary committee member of the Shaanxi Chinese Music Association and the Vice President of the Guzheng Association (Singapore).

Zhang Lu Fen began her journey in music at a young age, studying under the guidance of renowned Chinese Guzheng masters Profs. Gao Zi Cheng and Zhou Yan Jia. Even as a student, she was in high demand as a performer, receiving invitations to record and play solo repertoire for television broadcasting stations. After graduation, Zhang Lu Fen dedicated herself to both teaching and performing, taking on solo, chamber, and orchestral roles and premiering works both locally and abroad. With hundreds of performances under her belt, she has become a seasoned performer with a wealth of experience. Some of her most notable achievements include a Guan and Guzheng duo performance recorded by a Japanese television broadcasting station, which earned numerous accolades including the “Best Performance Award” at the Shaanxi Province Chamber Music Competition.

In the late 1980s, Zhang Lu Fen moved to Singapore, where she continues to share her love of music as a Guzheng educator. With her extensive pedagogical knowledge, she has become one of the leading Guzheng educators in Singapore, passionately passing on her skills and expertise to her students.

In addition to her performance and teaching careers, Zhang Lu Fen has also demonstrated her expertise in organising concerts and recitals. One of her most impressive accomplishments is organising two solo recitals featuring her talented 16-year-old student.

Zhang Lu Fen is a dedicated and successful teacher who has helped her students achieve numerous awards and accolades. Over the years, her students have won First and Second prizes in the Guzheng division of the National Chinese Music Competition organised by the National Arts Council of Singapore, across the Junior, Youth, and Open categories. Two of her students have also excelled in the Singapore division of the major Guzheng Competition organised by the China Oriental Art Research Society based in Shanghai, winning the Prize of Excellence and receiving high praise from the panel of judges. Zhang Lu Fen herself has received recognition for her teaching abilities, receiving the “Best Excellent Teacher Award” at the Hong Kong International Guzheng Competition.

In addition to teaching private students, Zhang Lu Fen is also active in local schools as a Guzheng instructor, leading many school Guzheng ensembles to gold awards in inter-school competitions. She is also an active member of the Guzheng Association (Singapore), participating in numerous solo and ensemble recitals and other events, further demonstrating her experience and dedication to her students and the local music community.

Guzheng Performance By Zhang Lu Fen Of The Piece – Chuo 惙 (Sorrowful Yearning) 

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