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Playing Chinese musical instruments is fun and extremely enjoyable! Contrary to popular belief, they are easy to pickup, and you can play both trending pop songs from your favourite artistes as well as traditional Chinese pieces with rich cultural backgrounds.

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.”
– George Eliot

Learning Chinese instruments is a great way to relieve stress from your busy schedules as well as being able to learn a new skill that you can call your own. You will even be able to form your own Chinese ensembles and play in a Chinese orchestra!

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Why Have One-To-One Lessons?

One-to-one lessons are the most effective and productive way for you to learn an instrument, and has been a proven concept since the existence of music.

During one-to-one lessons, your teacher will be able to devote all their time to you, making sure that you get the best quality in teaching. Each lesson is customised for you and you alone. You will then be able to play and perform your favourite tunes on your instrument in the quickest time possible.

Chinese instrument lessons customized for you:

Chinese Instrument and Lessons Bundle​

If you are a beginner to intermediate learner looking to purchase a new Chinese instrument, this bundle package is designed for you! 

Sign up for your Chinese Musical Instrument lessons now and get instant cashback for your instrument. Chinese Instruments that are available for cash back – Erhu, Dizi, Guzheng, Guqin, Pipa and Zhongruan. 

For example, sign up for Erhu lessons package to get a discount on the Erhu you purchase in our store.

Available for a limited time only. Click on the button below to find out more.

Unsure of Which Instrument To Learn?

Do you know that Chinese Instruments are categorized to 4 main sections? 吹,拉,弹, 打, which translates respectively to – Woodwinds, Bowed Strings, Plucked Strings and Percussion.

Find out more about the different Chinese instruments in our weekly 60 minutes workshop, where you will be exposed to various Chinese instruments such as the Erhu, Guzheng, Dizi, Ruan and Pipa.

Purchase your tickets today by clicking on the button below.

Student Performance Opportunities & Exposure

Giving our students exposure and performance opportunities is our priority. If you are looking to learn an instrument in order to perform, we would present to you such opportunities – our annual school showcase performance, and also a chance for you to be featured in our music videos (check out the video below or click here).
Having performance opportunities will greatly polish your skills and help in your learning journey, however, this is totally optional if you are learning for your own leisure and have no interest in performing.

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Our Chinese New Year Music Video, performed by our students – Claire (Pipa), Aron (Ruan), Celeste (Guzheng) and Kai An (Dizi)

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Online Dizi Lesson

Online Chinese Instrumental Lessons

Are you looking to learn an instrument but there are no instrumental schools near you? Learn from our professional teachers today. Have a look at our online lessons available here:

Erhu Group Lessons

Learning instruments in a group provides you the joy of a good company. Join our group lessons for an enjoyable session of learning music! The group lessons are also especially great for learners on a budget. Our classes are kept small (4 to 5 people per class) so that we can keep it focused and fun at the same time. Click on the button below to find out more!

Versatile And Virtuosic Chinese Instrumental Teachers

Not only can our teachers teach, they are also professionals who are extremely skilled and versatile in their respective Chinese instruments. This makes learning instruments much more fun and interesting as our teachers have in-depth knowledge to impart. And, if you need to learn advanced or higher level pieces, our teachers will have a capabilities to teach you as well, your learning journey will be boundless. Click on the video below to watch our teachers perform for our YouTube Channel.

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Huqin Quartet Music Video, performed by our Erhu teachers – Shunta Goh, Deborah Siok and Chen Ning

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Video About Eight Tones Music School, subscribe to our YouTube Channel now!

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