Phang Yun Lun

Phang Yun Lun - Guzheng Teacher

Meet Phang Yun Lun, a meticulous teacher who makes sure you understand every concept before moving on. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your skills, Yun Lun’s lessons will have you playing the Guzheng in no time. And as he is bilingual, Yun Lun can conduct lessons in both English and Mandarin, ensuring you’re comfortable and able to understand every step of the way. 

Yun Lun first became interested in traditional Chinese music in primary school, where he learnt Dizi and Sheng before developing a strong and abiding connection with the Guzheng. He went on to learn Guzheng from well-regarded teachers in Singapore who nurtured his passion and encouraged him to perform and to teach.

Yun Lun has taught Guzheng at numerous schools in Singapore, where he has led teams to achieve gold and silver medals at competitions and at the Singapore Youth Festival. Besides teaching in schools, Yun Lun also teaches Guzheng to mature students and youngsters in private music schools and home settings.

Yun Lun believes that learning Guzheng is a lifelong journey with new insights and experiences to be gained along the way, and has continuously challenged himself and expanded his horizons by participating in competitions and performances.

With his diverse teaching experience of over 15 years, Yun Lun has developed unique teaching methods that enable students to efficiently pick up and develop good Guzheng technical skills. Recognizing that every individual is different, Yun Lun is interested in helping each and every student achieve their full potential and to have a rich and rewarding journey while mastering the Guzheng.

He has a Diploma in Guzheng awarded with merit by the Central Conservatory of Music, and is a certified Music Instructor with the Ministry of Education for both CCA and AMIS courses. He is also a People’s Association Stars Trainer and has membership with the Singapore Ann Kway Guzheng Ensemble and the Guzheng Association (Singapore).

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