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Theresa Yep - Guzheng Teacher

Meet Theresa Yep, a teacher who knows how to keep things light and fun. Theresa’s easy-going nature makes lessons fly by, and she’s not afraid to change up the pace to suit her students’ needs. But don’t let her laid-back attitude fool you – she’s also incredibly responsible and always there to answer questions, even outside of lesson time. Plus, she can conduct lessons in both English and Mandarin, so you can pick the language that you’re most comfortable with. 

Theresa’s journey with the Guzheng began at the age of 7, when she started learning the instrument under the tutelage of Lim Pei Pei. She later continued her studies with Xu Hui, a talented Guzheng musician with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. During her secondary school years, Theresa took part in the Guzheng CCA and quickly displayed a strong interest and proficiency in the instrument. She was even appointed as the President and Principal Player of the ensemble, leading her fellow Guzheng players to a Certificate of Distinction in the biannual Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. For her commitment to the CCA, Theresa was awarded the CCA Medal of Distinction in Leadership in 2013.

During college, Theresa broadened her musical horizons by joining her school’s Chinese Orchestra and learning to play the Pipa under the guidance of Yan Yu. She performed at various events in school and was even appointed as the Student Conductor of the Orchestra. In addition to her work with the Chinese Orchestra, Theresa is also an active member of the Marsiling Chinese Orchestra (MCO), where she has had the opportunity to perform at events such as the Beautiful Sunday concert series organised by Esplanade and invited performances at the Istana. On top of this, Theresa is also a member of the Guzheng Association (Singapore).

Theresa then took her passion for music to the next level by enrolling in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with the Guzheng as her Principal Instrument. During her time at NAFA, she was involved in a variety of concerts and competitions, including the biannual National Chinese Music Competition (NCMC) where the NAFA Guzheng team won the bronze award in the ensemble category.

After working hard and honing her skills, Theresa graduated from NAFA with a Diploma in Music Teaching. With her diverse background and love of music, Theresa is evidently a talented and dedicated musician.

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