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Nicholas Ng - Pipa Teacher

Meet Nicholas Ng, the Pipa teacher. Not only is he patient and dedicated, but he’s also friendly and approachable towards his students, creating a comfortable learning environment during lessons. But don’t let his warm personality fool you, he is also very meticulous during lessons and ensures all his students master the skills necessary to be excellent Pipa players. He is also very passionate about his craft and always willing to share this passion and what he knows with his students. Plus, he can conduct lessons in both English and Chinese, so you can learn in whichever language you prefer. Whether you’re just looking to enjoy a fun new hobby with the Pipa, or wanting to become a true Pipa performer, Nicholas will have you playing beautiful melodies in no time.

Nicholas is a passionate Pipa player who is dedicated to bringing the joys of music to people of all ages and backgrounds. With more than a decade of performance experience and a passion for teaching, Nicholas is definitely a highly seasoned Pipa player and a reliable teacher.

Nicholas’ journey with the Pipa began in secondary school, when he met veteran Pipa player of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Mr. Goh Ek Meng, and joined his school’s Pipa Ensemble. During his National Service days, he spent a lot of time in the SAF Music & Drama Company Chinese Orchestra, where he not only performed but also assisted with organising performances and different instrumental combinations. He also joined the Cheng San Community Center Chinese Orchestra and was a guest musician for other music groups.

Nicholas managed to earn himself three consecutive distinctions when he took his grade 8, 9, and performance Diploma exams for the Pipa between 2006 and 2008. Furthermore, he also auditioned for and successfully got into the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO) in 2006, where he had the opportunity to perform in Tainan ChiHsi International Arts Festival and alongside professional musicians from the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) for the one year he was a member.

Afterwards, Nicholas parted ways with SNYCO after a year to pursue his university studies. However, his passion for music and the Pipa was still just as strong. To support his part-time university studies at UNISIM, Nicholas channeled his passion and served as a regular musician for Watertours Chinese Junk “Admiral Cheng Ho”, where he was exposed to another international audience.

Nicholas is also an advocate for education and bringing music to the heartlands, having served as a relief teacher in other Chinese Instrumental Music Schools as well as in MOE-Schools such as Keming Primary, Pioneer Primary & River Valley High School. He continues to share his passion for the Pipa and inspire others to improve their lives through music.

Through his experiences and musical journey, we can see that Nicholas’ passion for music is unwavering, making him the perfect match for students who want to form a special connection with music and the instrument the same way he has.

In 2006, Nicholas was the 1st Runner-up in the National Chinese Music Competition (Pipa – Open Category) and began receiving external invitations for performances. One of them included staging his 1st fusion ensemble performance at the Somerset Escape Youth Theme Park and also at the Esplanade.

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