Cheong Yi Heng

Cheong Yi Heng - Sheng Teacher

Cheong Yi Heng is a Sheng teacher who knows how to keep things fun and engaging. His approachable nature makes his lessons lighthearted and fun for his students. However, he is also meticulous and rigorous in his teaching, ensuring his students not only master the technical skills necessary, but also come to understand the instrument itself, all while helping them develop their musicality. Plus, Yi Heng can also conduct lessons in both English and Mandarin, So grab your Sheng and Yi Heng will get you up to speed in your musical journey in no time!

Yi Heng began learning the Sheng under the guidance of Mr. Tony Ang Ding Leong in Victoria School. He continued to hone his skills under the expert tutelage of Singapore Chinese Orchestra’s resident sheng players, Mr. Ong Yi Horng and Mr. Guo Chang Suo, and also studied the Chuan Tong Sheng.

During his National Service days, Yi Heng served as a resident Sheng player in the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company (MDC). In 2010, he participated in the National Chinese Music Competition organised by the National Arts Council and emerged as the champion in the Open Category for Sheng.

When he’s not at Eight Tones, Yi Heng can be found performing with Chinese orchestras in the community in Singapore. He’s also a founding member of Resonance (合笙), the Sheng ensemble. With a passion for the Sheng and a track record of success, Yi Heng is sure to keep impressing audiences for years to come.

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